Nehemiah 2:18

 Then I told them about how the gracious hand of God had been on me, and about my conversation with the king. They replied at once, “Yes, let’s rebuild the wall!” So they began the good work.


ReBUILD was formed to establish outreach centers in deteriorating neighborhoods and to provide spiritual help for people whose lives are crumbling from needs or addictions and generally searching for peace.

ReBUILD Inc is formed as a WV Corporation with the WV Secretary of State Office exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and/or scientific purposes as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We have received confirmation from the IRS that we are approved to operate as an exempt charitable organization.

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                  LOVE LIKE JESUS

 B – build Relationships

It is our intention to befriend neighbors in an effort to build relationships and establish a bridge for caring into their lives. Many people feel alone and like no one cares when they are in life’s most difficult situations. By extending a helping hand and listening ear we can gain trust and speak truth into lives that are crumbling through the weight of sin and addiction.

U – unify the Community

The Love of Jesus is a unifying expression that reaches across all barriers that exist today. Many communities live in fear due to crime and violence. We believe that shining the light of God’s love can dispel darkness and open minds and hearts of community members to fight against sin. By hosting events where all are welcome it allows members of the neighborhood to interact in a more profitable manner.

I – instill Values

Many people feel they have little worth due to lack of skills and learned trades. During the process of building rehabilitation we would like to partner professional craftsman or retirees with other individuals that can learn skills that would enable them to find employment. A ladies group has been meeting and making items to be sold in an Internet marketplace where a portion can be returned to the individual.

L – love like Jesus

The New Testament details the life of Jesus while here on earth and many stories of Him reaching out to those in need. He spent time with people that many religious elite would shun. As Christ followers we believe that expressing the love of Jesus to others is a manner of living not an event. The idea of a community outreach center is to provide a home atmosphere where neighbors can find non judgmental help and life direction.

D – disciple People

Walking with Jesus is a lifelong process. Jesus finds people in their trouble and lifts them out of that trouble and sets them on a straight path. While not offering judgment against any one particular fault, we intend to help individuals find new ways to live and how following Christ can lead to more successful living. Breaking the chains of sin and addiction to find peace in Christ is truly the only fulfilling way to live. Teaching these steps to others is key.